Friday, June 26, 2009


I know it isn't logical to be angry at the weather. If you like it or love it, it isn't going to change. That doesn't matter to me right now. I am MAD. Twenty days ago I went to Pride. It rained on our parade. More like poured. I was soaked. I caught swine flu. I didn't go to the Festival because I was too busy simultaneously burning up and shivering with an intense headache.

Then today, we go to the Arts Festival. We didn't get to go last year. We met up with some friends of Aaron's. We ate and watched one art event. Then the rain came. Everything closed up and we left. Parking is atrocious so we had parked blocks away. We got soaked! It was my first outdoor event since Pride. Croquet was rained out too.

Then a little earlier today I invited everyone to watch fireworks with us at Sugarhouse Park for Independence Day. I check the weather and guess what? 40% of rain! Scattered T-showers! I think I'm done planning outdoor activities for the summer. Well, if you can call this summer. I feel like Oregon left its weather here. We'll just go from spring rains to fall rains to snow.

At least I got a few nice photos.

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