Friday, November 28, 2008

Black (as night) Friday

My day began at 3 AM today. I had to be to work at 4 AM. I have to say that I am not very tired. I went to be at 10 last night so I got five hours of sleep. Oh and I took a Tylenol PM to help me get to sleep right away.

So right now I'm on my first break. It has been busy today, but nothing compared to last year or so I'm told. Last year the line was six deep and wrapped half-way around the store. This morning there were around 50 people waiting. I've been stationed at the registers in cameras and imaging. I'd thought I would be crowded and pressed by people and ringing them up frantically. I haven't been crowded at all, just pleasantly busy.

All of this is probably bad overall for the store. I'm hoping that we are selling good gross margin on products. But I wonder if it's this way just for our store or for other Circuit Cities or even the same in other chains too. I guess we'll know in a few days.

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