Thursday, January 24, 2008

Piracy, Lies, and the Shooting

I just looked at my blogging stats for 2007. I wrote fewer blogs last year than any other year. That's sad. Back in 2005 I made a goal to become a regular blogger and it really made a difference. I'm hesitant to make that same goal for this year. We'll see how it plays out.

So here's the actual topic of my first blog of 2008: Piracy. It seems the MPAA likes to create statistics in order to further their cause. In 2005 they stated that 44% of lost sales came from college-aged downloaders. Now they're backtracking and saying the numbers are closer to 15%. Campus IT groups are saying that it's closer to 3%. Hmph. It makes you think. Now whenever the MPAA proclaims a statistic or trend, we'll need someone to double check it. It seems they will lie in order to further their agenda. Ridiculous.

Oh, one other thing. So yesterday I checked my voice mail. The Salt Lake Tribune had called and left a message. They wanted to interview me on how things had changed since the Trolley Square Shooting. The one year anniversary is nearly here. That really upsets me. I cannot pretend to be a spokesman for the event. I didn't lose any loved ones or co-workers. It would be completely inappropriate for me to speak to an audience on that topic. I'll remind you, this is the newspaper that wanted to interview me while the shooting was happening! Tasteless!

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the mighty guin said...

Yuck - some people have no tact.