Friday, October 05, 2007

Star Trek: The (NEW) Motion Picture

Just a quick news update on the upcoming Star Trek movie. The following actors have been tapped to play roles in the new movie.

Karl Urban - Romulan enemy

Mike Vogel - "front runner" for James T. Kirk

Paul McGillon - Montgomery Scott

So of the three actors, I only know the last, Paul McGillon. Right now I am watching season three of Stargate Atlantis on DVD. I love that show! It is the best sci-fi I've seen on television since... well, since Voyager was on TV. And if you hated Stargate SG1, I'm in good company. I did too. Atlantis is completely different and much better. McGillon does an excellent job in his role as the doctor too. I really do hope that he will be in the new movie.

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Madam_Author said...

You didn't like SG-1? Why not? I absolutely LOVE it! I haven't watched much of Atlantis, but how can you not like SG-1?