Thursday, August 02, 2007

My 100 Question Survey

How old are you? 28
Last time you went on a picnic? Maybe a month ago
Are you attracted to other races? Not really
What's your favorite flower? Indian Paintbrush
Your favorite television show on air? Simpsons
Country you'd like to visit? Italy
Shoe size? 10
Language you'd like to be fluent in? Russian
Cheetos, Dorritos, or Fritos? Cheetos
Eye color? Brown

Been in so much pain you cried? Not that I remember
Had surgery? Nope
Met an Eskimo? Nope
Been in a car accident? No
Had stitches? Yes, when I was four
Dyed your hair? Yes, three times
Last time you went to a zoo/museum? A month
Ever owned a fish? Nope
The last relative you hugged? My mom
Your dream job? A therapist

Would you go skydiving? I don't think so
Would you eat a properly cooked dog? Yes
Ever worn a kimono? Nope
Wished you were shorter? No
Do you have direct deposit? Yes
Like rap music? Rarely
Last time in a gym? Four years ago
Do you follow the 10-second rule? Sometimes lol
Your favorite college course? History of Animation
Last time you visited Before work

Last Disney movie watched? Emperor's New Groove
How many cell phones have you owned? Two
Ever won a money prize? Yes, for my blog
Ever touched an alligator? Not that I can remember
Your favorite vegetable? Broccoli
Without looking, which number key has the # symbol? 6
Did you look? No
Are your grandparents still living? Only one grandpa
Furthest north you've ever been? Sweden
What jewelry are you wearing right now? A CTR ring and a watch

The closest yellow object to you? Simpsons DVD
Do you use a knife or the edge of your fork to cut things? Fork
Your favorite movie? Clue
Do you use chapstick? Yes, but I'm not addicted
Sprite or 7Up? Sprite
Ever crimped your hair? No.
Sandals or flipflops? Sandals
The last store you visited? Sharper Image
Book you are currently reading? Some unknown sci-fi
Do you like rain? Not really

What time is it? 9:51 pm
Ever worked fast food? Yes, Wendy's.
The icon closest to your clock on your start bar? gmail notifier
Is it dusty where you're at? Yes
What is your desktop wallpaper? Lillypads in a pond
Star Trek or Star Wars? Trek!
Do you care for any plants? Yes 4-5
What shampoo are you using? Bath and Bodyworks Coconut Lime Verbena
Will Democrats or Republicans win the Presidential race? Sadly Democrats
Ever been in a natural disaster? Nope

Are you good at lying? Yes
Can you curl your tongue? Yes
Could you be happy as a vegetarian? Never
Do you like sweet pickles? Yes
Do you like maraschino cherries? Yes
Do you like olives? Yes
Do you like black licorice? Never!
Your favorite recipe to make? Lasagna
Do you like to swim? I like to play in the pool
What is in your CD-ROM? Office XP CD

Do you look older, younger, or your age? Younger
Favorite pie? Strawberry
Right or left-handed? Right
Does anybody hate you? I hope not
Do you collect anything? Yes, playing cards.
What do you see out your window? It's dark
When did you wake up this morning? 10:30 am
The last funeral you attended? My cousin Whitney
White, dark, milk, or semi-sweet? Milk
Do you own a digital camera? Nope

Ever visited New York City? Yes
Last time you visited a doctor? Hm, five years ago
Own any suspenders? Nope
Know anyone who is adopted? My sister
Do you like scary movies? Yes I do
Last movie in a theater you watched? Simpsons Movie
Last costume you wore? Murder Mystery: Butler
Ever worked in a garden? Yes, I have one right now
Flag burning? I think it should be allowed
Do you know what a Liger is? Sure do

How often do you shave? Every 3-4 days
Ever been inside a police car? No
Your favorite job ever? Sharper Image
100 degrees or 30 degrees? 100 degrees
Do you own any turtlenecks? Nope, hate them.
Do you own any corduroy? Yes, one pair of pants
Your favorite number? 28
The last thing you were late for? Work
Do you like rhubarb? Love it
Which will be first, a black or a female President? Black

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mightybob said...

yep, these sound like bigred questions. i answered them for myself on my blog.