Thursday, July 05, 2007

I am 75% Utahn. How Utahn Are You?

Put an "x" in the parentheses if it applies and put your total where it says total!!! When you're done, multiply your total by 5. This is how Utahn you are.

(x ) You know what the U is
(x ) You know what the Holy War is
(x) You have eaten funeral potatoes
(x) You leave out the "T" when you pronounce the word "mountain"
(x) You know what sluffing is

Total: 5

(x) You know what fry sauce is
(x ) You know you can't buy liquor in the grocery store
(x)You were an aunt or uncle before you were out of high school.
( ) Your family considers a trip to McDonald's a night out
(x) As a kid you looked forward to going to Lagoon every summer.

Total so far: 9

( ) You can make jello salad without a recipe
( ) You never have missed school because of a snow day
( ) You wear shorts and T-shirts if the temperature barely rises above 32 degrees
(x) You own/ed a minivan
( ) You own/ed a pick-up truck

Total so far: 10

(x)You went to a junior high that started with 7th grade and ended with 9th grade.
(x) Camping is one of your favorite past times
(x) You love to be outdoors
( ) You have a Mormon as your next-door neighbor
(x) You are republican

Total so far: 14

( ) you lived/lived across the street or next to a farm or barn
( ) you have a huge family
(x) you make your own fun
( ) you wrestle with your brothers and sisters
( ) you have too many animals

Total so far: 15

Add them up, multiply by 5, and repost as "I am % Utahn Try it even if you don't live in Utah it's pretty funny

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