Thursday, April 12, 2007

Illegal Music Outnumbers Legal Downloads 20-to-1

You all know how I like to track the movements of the music industry especially concerning illegal downloads. This article was pretty short, but it was interesting to see what a disparity there is. Of course, illegal downloads take place the world over and legal ones probably only take place in the United States. So I would guess comparing statistically, 20-to-1 are pretty good odds. lol Way to go RIAA!

"That’s right, 20-to-1. It took iTunes 5 years to sell 2-billion songs. But there are a billion illegal downloads every month. That’s not what the music industry wants to hear... that it may be too late to change this tune."

The only way I can see the music industry changing this trend is to make competitive prices. But how do you make competitive prices when something is free? Make it close to free. Instead of 95-cents per song... follow BMG's scheme, 95-cents for 8 songs. And when it comes to iTunes, get rid of the proprietary requirements. That's just ridiculous. Even I would pay 95-cents if I got the whole CD. Afterall, it'd come with all the mp3 info filled out. That'd save me a lot of time!

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