Sunday, December 03, 2006

*Jingle, jingle*

No, that isn't the sound of sleigh bells. It is the sound of keys. More specifically, the management keys to The Sharper Image. I received a promotion at work. I am now the Senior Sales Associate. And that makes me a member of management. Along with those keys I get a lot more responsibility and tasks. I can do returns now, open the locked cabinets for items, do mail and phone orders, close and open the store, count registers, etc. I also work full time, get a pay increase of a dollar, get benefits (such as paid vacation, sick leave, paid birthday), and insurance (health, dental, and vision). I'm really excited. I wasn't the only applicant, but my availability made me a good choice.

I have to say, it feels great to work somewhere where I am treated as an adult. All of my previous jobs, they didn't trust the employees. Asking for a day off was a hassle, rules had to be strict, everything was more difficult because there was no trust. But I guess that is how student jobs work. But I am very happy and very blessed to get this promotion. And my readers, when you have a chance, come in and visit me!

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