Friday, June 02, 2006

Three posts in one!

I just read a pleasant article on MSN (on which all articles are merely ads construed as news) about the five dream jobs for men. Their choices were: video game designer, brew master, toy creator, comic book guru, and casino host. I have to say, the first one has the most appeal for me. I don't want to know any kind of computer code or the technical stuff behind the games I play. I want to be able to build the levels, create the weapons or vehicles, and write the storyline. That is where the fun is at.

And for those naysayers that think that video games take up too much time or aren't worthy of time, I will retort: The game industry makes more money than the film industry. And if you think about it... which is more interactive and social? A movie where you sit down silently and watch one screen the whole time? Or a video game where everyone is involved in the action and working for or against a cause? I think most vide game naysayers are (dare I say it?) women. I will ask the women, why don't you like video games? or men playing video games? I have my guess. LOL It's because sometimes men almost ignore you when they're playing. It's a form of competition. Now I have more opinions on that... but I'll save that for another post.

And my third post: I just read an article in which a North Carolina panel has determined that the state should pay reparations for an organized race riot that happened in 1898. That riot did have a rippling effect against positive race relations in the state for a long time. But reparations? "Along with compensation to victims' descendants, the commission also recommended incentives for minority small businesses and help for minority home ownership. It also recommended that the history of the incident be taught in public schools." That is BULLCRAP. We could just as easily follow the same logic and say that there should be a tax on Italian businesses because Christopher Columbus changed the way Native Americans lived. Or perhaps Missourians should pay an extra tax to make reparations to Mormons for the extermination order that was put upon them. After all, that happened in 1838. It makes sense doesn't it?

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mightybob said...

I've got to admit, I hate competing with Paper Mario for your attention. Especially since you don't even like that game. What does it say about your esteem for me, eh? *jerk!* :P