Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Regulate your blog!

I blog. If you're reading this, then you already know that. I enjoy blogging. if you know me, then you already know that. I write about things that catch my interest. Sometimes it's something I read in the news, sometimes it's something from my own experience, or happenings in my life. I've enjoyed blogging immensely and reading your comments on my musings. It's pretty cool.

Well, I just read an interesting article about blogging. It appears that students of Libertyville, Illionois will now have to be a little more careful about what they write.

"The board of Community High School District 128 voted unanimously on Monday to require that all students participating in extracurricular activities sign a pledge agreeing that evidence of 'illegal or inappropriate' behavior posted on the Internet could be grounds for disciplinary action."

One parent of a student at said high school rebuttled, "I don't think they need to police what students are doing online. That's my job."

I agree. Students should have the ability to write whatever they like on their blogs. And this is certainly an invasion of privacy.

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