Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Thirties

31. My earliest memory is at two and a half years old.
32. I can curl my tongue.
33. I've dyed my hair auburn, gold, and blond.
34. I've owned a guinea pig, two cats, and two dogs.
35. I enjoy desert hiking more than any other kind.
36. My three favorite shows are The Simpsons, Voyager, and Family Guy.
37. I consider myself a conservative optimist.
38. I love to fly.
39. My favorite colors are maroon, navy blue, and silver.
40. I've studied German, French, Romanian, Russian, and American Sign Language.

Interesting? Hmmm?


Madam_Author said...

33. I've dyed my hair auburn, gold, and blond

Yup, I have picture proof of the gold hair! That is a fun one to show people because you look nothing like yourself and have huge glasses on...

mightybob said...

I may have to see that pic... I can't imagine you with blond hair.
When did you study ASL?