Saturday, April 29, 2006


So today I succesfully moved from White House North to my new place. I'm thankful for all the help that was offered and the help received. So I'm sitting in my new room thinking about today and everything surrounding it. In a way, this move has been a difficult one. I have lived six years in WHN and now I'm not. I was very comfortable there and had found my niche. I had the rooms how I wanted them, I had the friends I wanted, and basically everything how I liked it.

Now I'm in an apartment that isn't really in the ward. I have two roommates, one who I met for maybe 45 seconds and the other isn't here. The one I met is leaving tomorrow. The other may be leaving in two weeks. The apartment was empty all day except me. Wow, did I feel alone. So I am very glad for Amy and Kate for letting me hang with them.

So a little about my apartment. It's in a basement. It's roomy for three people. But it is rundown. It could use a major remodeling. I could have taken an upstairs room (upstairs is much nicer), but I wanted a single room, not a small shared room. I have a tiny little bathroom, a moderately sized living room, and a small kitchen. I do have my own entrance to my bedroom. I need a chance to talk to the new roomies so I can get a feel for the place. Where do I put my food? Can I just walk in to the guys' upstairs apartment? You know, stuff like that.

In the words of my mom, "You can do better than this apartment Scott." And I can. But not still be close to the ward and involved with the ward. I am here for that purpose. I am here so I can keep my eyes open for openings in the nice houses of my ward. And they are nice! I am here so I can keep my friends. I need to settle in here. Then I will feel at home. But keeping in mind that this place is temporary. It will work.

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