Thursday, October 06, 2005

Freedom of Speech... N/A

So I just read an article in which a woman on a Southwest flight to Portland, OR. She was wearing a t-shirt protesting the Bush family. Airline stewardesses asked her to cover the shirt because it was offensive. The woman did so, but later on in the flight she uncovered it again. The attendants gave her an ultimatum: Remove or cover the shirt or leave the flight. Well, the woman was booted off in Reno. Of course she did so with complaints. Well, the entire time I read this article I was thinking... "Lame, what does a t-shirt matter?" Then I read that the t-shirt was a spoof on the movie The Fockers only it had "but with one crucial vowel changed." That changed my entire perspective. I now believe that Southwest had perfect reason to deny her further passage. Their rules state that they can deny passage to anyone with offensive clothing. It's a case by case judgment. Go Southwest! Way to stand up to the Liberal Pig Woman!


. said...

What an interesting story.

I have always been fascinated with what is and isn't considered offensive in language.

By the way,
The new profile pick is very freaky, I love it.

. said...

Actually I don't know if I would mind her wearing that kind of shirt or not, simply because the movie title is made to denote to the same thing.

BigRedHammer said...

I guess in some forums it would be okay. But I don't like the idea of parents having to cover their children's eyes or needing to explain why that word is on that woman's shirt. Basically, the woman doesn't have the right to start or force those issues on anyone on that flight.