Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shout out!

Here is a shout out to Lori-Ann who reads my blog! So this weekend was an excellent one. Kyle and I took off work on Friday so that we could attend the Stake Opening Social. The social was incredible as always. I belive I told you all it entailed already. Saturday I got to go up to a party/social with my friend Mike up at Park City. Let me tell you, in Park City it is already fall. I was cold up there! Provo has started getting cold at night and the trees are red in the mountains. Did you know that trees turn the most brilliant colors when it is very hot during the day and very cold at night. The larger the difference, the better the coloring. On Sunday it was a wonderful day at church. Our Bishop and his wife gave talks. Or should I say Sister Huntington gave a talk... and all our bishop had time for was some comments. lol But good comments nonetheless. That night I went to a dinner party at my friend Jeromy's. I met some new people there and talked with some friends too. I made my mother's world famous Spanish rice. Mmmm, I have leftovers of that and I love it! Monday I got to go the Utah State Fair. Now when I was told about that I was thinking more of a rodeo. But it isn't just that... there are animals, crazy rides, tons of fried foods, and tons of fun. I will definitely want to go again. Tuesday, being today, I went to work. However, I didn't have to go in till 4:45. Normally I start at 3pm. So that was pleasant. Afterwards I went to Jeromy's, hung with my friends and we barbecued. Sadly, I had been eating grapes and Mike's incredible chip dip so I was full by the time my bratwurst was done. You know, I've never had a bratwurst before. I'm told they're like hotdogs should be. *shrug* Will I ever know?

What a wonderful four (five if you don't count the 4.5 hour interruption of work) weekend. Sweet!

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