Friday, August 12, 2005


... is the day we move in. And what a busy day it is too. Check out/in is at noon. And I found out yesterday that orientation for hosting BYU Education week is tomorrow from 10-12. So this morning I really should be packing up some of my stuff in preparation. But thinking about it now, it won't be as hard as moving in was. I only have to make sure that everything in my bedroom is gone. The other stuff I can keep where it is and then move it when we're allowed in the apartment. Phew.

Daniel has decided not to move back into the ward. He will be missed. He was an excellent roommate and I'm glad I chose him all that time ago. I am still hoping that he is able to have his Japan experience. That would be so incredible.

My current (and future) roommate Chris is very excited to move in with us. Just like I have, he has been making plans in his head of how he'd like things. I think we'll get along very well. Kyle has decided to stay in the small room with our new roommate John. I wouldn't have done that, but oh well. I peered into my bedroom yesterday. It looks finished. I have to say it looks very very nice. Everything is painted, the new carpet is laid, we have new furniture. Interestingly, one piece of new furniture is a bunkbed. Now, you may not know, but my bedroom is very large. Having our beds bunked leaves TONS of space. I think I'll prefer having them unbunked but we'll see. Maybe I'll love the new space. I will also need to go to Home Depot or something and buy some of those sticky wall mounts. Yeah, no nail holes in these walls. Ugh. All that's left in our apartment to complete is our bathroom and kitchen. I'm hoping when I go over there today both of those will be finished.

This is exciting. Our place was large and ghetto. And now it may just be large. I need to buy a digital camera (for many reasons besides) and take some pictures of the new place. Then your jaw can drop like I know mine will.

The only surprise left now is our new roommate John. I hope that if he *is* an overflow from WHM that he will still be a good roommate for us. I want a real roommate not just someone who sleeps in the same apartment. We'll see.

Wish me luck!

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Madam_Author said...

Having our beds bunked leaves TONS of space. I think I'll prefer having them unbunked but we'll see. So you won't be debunked?