Thursday, October 14, 2004

A smart idea.

I just read an article about the European Union threatening to put sanctions on Israel until they resolve their conflict. Much like the Europe did to South Africa until apartheid was eliminated. I was just thinking, why doesn't the United States place sanctions on Israel. Effectively, we could place a 'famine' on Israel until they comply. With the EU and US putting up a blockade, it could seriously harm Israel. I told my roommate this and thought that Israel would be even more stubborn than Cuba in the face of sanctions. I think I'd have to agree with him. But I still think it would be a serious push for peace in Israel.


Madam_Author said...

Ah, but then you get into messy politics. One of the biggest reasons the US supports Isreal is simply because our largest lobby with an international interest is the Pro-Isreali/Jewish lobby. No politician would propose such a thing because it would be political suicide.

Madam_Author said...

Here's a link to a few articles about it: