Sunday, September 26, 2004

What would you do?

I was just reading an article on US bombing insurgents in Iraq and having success. By success, I mean that they were eliminating insurgents against the US and Iraqi governments. This in turn has caused in-fighting amongst the rebels. Iraqi hospitals have reported civilian and child casualties with these attacks. The US gov't says that that is only propaganda. It is possible there were casualties outside of the rebels, but that the hospitals are exaggerating the numbers.

"'We've seen reports from the hospital about dead and wounded within 45 minutes of airstrikes,' Lessel said, which, he said, was too soon for victims to have been transported from the site of the attack. He also said wounded people shown on television could not have survived the airstrikes."

The article also quotes a Abu Thar as saying: ""They [the US,] are saying they want to kill al-Zarqawi, but instead they are bombing innocent families," Abu Thar said. "Iraqis' hatred is growing, which means the resistance is growing."

That I can understand. Whether you're a rebel or not, hearing your fellow citizens being killed would not make you happy.

So what do you do? If we leave the country all together and let them govern themselves, there may be a civil war. We would be responsible for that. If we stay, we are probably increasing the hatred some Iraqis have for the US and we will lose more soldiers to terrorist bombings and activities. It seems like a lose-lose situation both ways. I don't know what the solution is. I want the Iraqis to govern and police themselves. I don't want to lose more of our soldiers to cowardly terror attacks. Perhaps there is some way to have both. I hope so.

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