Monday, September 20, 2004

Responsibility & Government

I was reading an article on the Israel's pull out from Gaza and their expectation of more attacks by Hamas as they do so. I am very critical of Israel and their tactics. Most Americans in my experience, sympathize with the Israelis. I sympathize with the Palestinians. They have no course of legal action, no representation in their government, nothing. So they do what they do. They attack the Israelis. I don't think that the way they do it gets them any closer to their goals. No strong government is going to give terrorists power or representation. So I do see current Palestinian tactics as futile. But I don't expect responsibility from small militant groups. I do however expect responsibility from a government. Throughout the rest of world, civilized nations find ways to deal with racism and hatred. Israel has too. They use missiles and their military to enforce it. I guess what I'm saying is, I expect more from Israel than their military-enchanced form of terrorism.


Anonymous said...

Here is a little known fact, back around 1947 before Isreal was a state Manachem Begin was listed by Britain as one of the preeminent terrorists in the region. He was a Jew fighting for the creation of Isreal and attacked both British and Palistinian targets. In the late 70's Begin was elected as Prime minister (see former president Carter's book "Blood of Abraham")

This sort of thing doesn't get much publicity in the U.S. whereas the palestinian atrocities are well documented. It is little wonder that most americans sympathize with Isreal. So I agree with your core argument.

On the other hand I find it hard to sympathize with the palestinians. I think most U.S. palestinian supporters like to think of them as being similar to the african americans during the civil rights movement however fair representation under the law is not the palestinian goal. That is clear from history but if you want something a little more direct read PLO charter, article 15 pay attention to the header as it gives translational notes.

I think it clear that I cannot wholly morally support the palestinians or the Isrealis. So what do I do now that I am both sympathetic and hostile to both sides? I feel like Vizzini in the Princess Bride trying to decide which glass is poisoned.


BigRedHammer said...

True. Both sides are practicing a form of terrorism. But even if their sins are the same. I hold the Israeli gov't more responsible for their acts.