Monday, August 16, 2004


So call me unpatriotic... I root for those who oppose the United States. And if it's Romania... I'll even trash talk. The way I see it, the US is in the spotlight all the time. It pleases me to see other countries win. It please me to see the US currently places seventh in overall gold medals. I like seeing the underdog win. Now when it comes to gymnastics Romania is not the underdog. They are the team that all the other teams are judged by. And a wonderful quote I heard twice today, "If you leave the door open even a little bit the Romanians will come in and eat you alive." Yeah, that's right! We'll eat you alive! (Notice the use of the pronoun 'we'.) And I'm proud to see Romania is a serious competitor in many other events. But they need to win in gymnastics.


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Anonymous said...

ohhh. Talkin' Trash eh? :P We'll have to watch the Women's finals together--just from opposite sides of the room. hehe Just kidding. Seriously, last night was fun watching with a lot of people and talking. Hey-not bad for our apartment, we had ...what four guys there? ;) See you later!