Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Et cetera

Today was the first day of BYU Education Week. I had an excellent time. I went to several Book of Mormon classes to get ideas and learn more for my Gospel Doctrine class. Let me tell you I learned some incredible things. But I will save another blog spot for Ed Week. I also have lunch with my mother every day at the Morriss Center. Free food and talking with my mom, that's always great!

I ought to get to bed soon so I don't sleep through more classes than I'd like. But before then I will refer you to some of my favorite sites.

Sluggy Freelance comic A lot of fun and very creative. Joe referred me to it, so you know it has to be good! If you don't know this pull your head out of the oven and go look!

Dr. Devious vs. Lincoln High Spies, supervillians and mayhem in high school. Devious!

And on a closing note, Romania's women gymnasts took gold! Yeah that's right! In your face pompous Americans! Go home and cry on your gilded pillow. (For Kate and those other Romania haters.)

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Madam_Author said...

*snort* I never said I hated Romania. :) Actually I am happy for them...I just would have liked to have won ;)