Saturday, July 24, 2004

My first blog

Okay, so this is my first blog entry.  This came about because of a game of Halo about half an hour ago.  I did the best I have ever done.  It was team slayer and I was with Joe.  Anyway, my score was 30 of 50 kills.  Dan was with Kyle and Dan only had 6 kills!  I was dang happy.  I said something that if I kept a journal of Halo, this would definitely go in it.  Anyway, here I am starting my first blog. 

Now what else.  Finished cleaning checks today.  I did the bathroom.  And well, it was really easy.  Last month Matt had the bathroom and was all complaining.  I personally don't think it was that hard at all.  Probably easier than the fridge (which is what I normally do.)  I ended up going to bed at 5 am.  Kristen called me at 10.  So only five hours of sleep...  It'll hit me tomorrow.  Kristen likes this guy and has been hanging out with him a lot.  She wanted some advice.  It's hard though to judge a guy when you've never met him or aren't around him though.  But it was very good talking to Kristen.  She said that she's needed me.  And well, that felt really good. 

Well today is the 24th:  Pioneer Day.  Chris and Franzis were over yesterday to celebrate that and their two year anniversary of meeting.  They met in the parking lot to the west of our house.  That was a lot of fun.  Now they and Chris' family are on the way to Zion and the Grand Canyon.  I'd like to plan a trip to Vegas and the Valley of Fire.  Now that would be fun.  Hot.  But a lot of fun.  I really don't mind the heat though.  Just as long as I am prepared.  Which in general I am.  Well, I don't have to tell everything in my first blog, so I'll log off. 

Thanks for reading.

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Sobek said...

BigRedHammer, you slice like a ... well, like a hammer, I suppose. Next time I visit this blog I expect to see some trenchant political commentary. And it'd betted be trenchant...